Highlights of List Rollup

Highlights of List Rollup

ListRollup.pngAutomatically collect, filter, group, sort and export items from multiple SharePoint lists all across your portal in real time.
Relevant data in multiple lists across sites is not uncommon in SharePoint, so why is it so hard to gather the information into a central view? SharePoint provides some capability within the Content Query Web Part, but you must have SharePoint Server running and modify a XSL file to return additional columns beyond just Title. Our List Rollup web part puts the power of data aggregation into business users’ hands, where it belongs.

Intuitive Interface to Build Powerful List Rollup Schemas:
Schemas are used to determine which items from which lists display in the rollup.

Flexible Aggregation Services:
Select from SharePoint Aggregation Service for fast response time or Bamboo Aggregation Service to aggregate any list or column type.

Various Discovery Methods Available:
Define included lists by selecting individual lists or automatically discovering lists in either sub-sites or all sites in a site collection.

Standardized Data Format:
Through selection of master columns, columns of type Number and Date and Time are standardized for easier data mining processes.