How File Share Library works

How File Share Library works

Since we created File Share Library based on a standard SharePoint Document Library, the base functionality (security and settings) is the same for end users who are used to dealing with the standard SharePoint Document Library. The most important functionality enhancements that we added are:

  • Syncing the content of the network drive with the list
  • Handling revisions
  • Handling security for mapped items

File Share Library lets you automatically or manually sync a file share on your network using timer jobs which can be monitored from the SharePoint Central Administration. Automatic (i.e. Continuous) sync can be scheduled through the File Share Library Settings to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. You can also include a check for files that have been moved or deleted from the file share.

If you choose to sync manually, you can do so from the File Share Library Toolbar as well as a one-time sync from the File Share Library Settings. Both the automatic sync and the one-time sync are scheduled jobs that run according to your job queue priority. The automatic sync job settings are saved in the web application properties, but the one-time sync is not saved.

A timer job is installed with File Share Library. This job runs every 2 minutes and looks for jobs scheduled through all File Share libraries within web applications specified during install. For more information see About File Share Library Timer Jobs. Your server admin can help you with understanding SharePoint timer jobs or you can read this article from Microsoft to learn more.

Once the File Share Library has been synced with your file share, you can do the following tasks:

  • Check out/in files,
  • Import file share files into the library permanently
  • Export library files to the file share
  • Upload files outside the file share directly to your File Share Library
  • View deleted or moved file share files
  • Automatically delete or move deleted library items or imported file share items to a specified archive location

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