How to Change the Thumbnail Associated with a Media File

How to Change the Thumbnail Associated with a Media File

When a video file is uploaded, Video Library will attempt to automatically generate a thumbnail image to display with the item in a library. Automatic thumbnail generation is performed by Microsoft Expression Encoder, which must be installed separately. For more information, read Installing Microsoft Expression Encoder.

If you are uploading an audio file, if Microsoft Expression Encoder is unable to provide a thumbnail image, or if you just want to change the image to something different, you can manually assign a thumbnail image to the library item using the following steps:

Step Action Result
1. Edit the item properties. HW69_2010_EditItem.jpg
2. In the Custom Thumbnail column, enter the URL to the image you want to use as a thumbnail. Click the Click here to test link to verify that the image can be accessed. You do not need to enter a description.


NOTE: The path you enter can be absolute (http:/ /servername/site/picturelib/image.bmp) or relative (/site/picturelib/image.bmp).

If the image you select is stored in a SharePoint library in the farm, Bamboo recommends using a relative URL if the Web application has multiple access points using Alternative Access Mappings (AAM) or if the Library and associated thumbnail images will be saved as part of a site template.

3. Click OK to save the item properties. HW69_2010_CustomThumbnail2.jpg
The image will automatically be reduced to an appropriate thumbnail size and the new image will be displayed with the item.