How To Concatenate Two or More Fields

How To Concatenate Two or More Fields

Using Workflow Conductor and trying to setup so it will add a user to AD.

After creating a list with a field called ‘First Name’ and another field called ‘Last Name’, the goal is to concatenate these two fields in the workflow to form an AD Display Name and an AD Logon name as follows:

  • AD Display Name = ‘First Name’ & “ ” & ‘Last Name’
  • AD Logon Name = ‘First Name’ & “.” & ‘Last ‘Name’

Use the Calculate Widget to concatenate text strings.

For example, assuming First Name and Last Name are fields/columns in list item that triggered the workflow:

First Name = Tom
Last Name = Thumb

CONCATENATE("{CurrentItem:First Name}"," ","{CurrentItem:Last Name}")

Result: Tom Thumb

NOTE: If you do not include the double quotes, it returns #NAME?, so be sure to use the double quotes.