How to Configure the QuickAdd App

How to Configure the QuickAdd App

From Quick Add App under Site Contents:

Step Action Result
1. There are two ways to access the settings menu. 1. From the Site Contents, select Bamboo Quick Add App.
2. From your list, go to List tab on the top. From the ribbon, select Bamboo Quick Add.
2. From the Settings icon 0002.jpg, select Bamboo Quick Add Settings. 0003.jpg
3. From the Quick Add Settings, select the list that you want to add multiple items from Select List. 0004.jpg
4. Select the number of items you want to add or allow to add each time to the list.

Click OK.

NOTE: If you want to add items to a new list, first create a new tasks list to use with Quick Add App for Lists.

Icon-Warning Selecting the “unlimited” option may impact server performance or result in the request timing out.

The Send Message column should display on the right side of the list view. To re-order the column, edit the list view and change the Send Message column’s Position from Left.

NOTE: In SharePoint 2013, the Send Message column can also be added by clicking “edit this list” above the list view, clicking the ‘ + ’ column, and selecting More Column Types.