How to configure the My Workflows Web Part

How to configure the My Workflows Web Part

Overview of Workflow Conductor Web Parts

The My Workflows Web Part displays all the workflows initiated by the current user in the Site, the Web application, or the entire Farm. My Workflows displays the status, workflow name, a link to the item the workflow was triggered by, and additional information that might be relevant depending on the type of workflow.

From this Web Part, the workflow initiator can Cancel a workflow that is Running, Restart a workflow that errored, or Resume a paused workflow. See How to use the My Workflows Web Part for more information.

My workflows WP cut.png

The My Workflow Web Part is available in the Web Part Gallery after Workflow Conductor is installed. Users with the Add and Customize Pages right can add the Web Part to a page. (The Add and Customize Pages right is included by default in the Design and Full Control permissions.)

NOTE: If you don’t see the web part in the gallery, check to make sure the site collection feature shown below is activated in your site collection.

WFC web parts site collection feature.png

Add the web part to a web part page. If you do not know how to add a web part to a page, see How to add a web part to a Web Part page

To configure the web part once it is on the page, follow these steps:

Section Setting
Workflows: Select the scope of workflows to display. By default, the Web Part will display workflows for the Current Site. You can also select Web Application or Farm.

Select which workflow statuses to include in the list. The Web Part will include all workflow statuses by default. The more you choose, the more workflows to display and the longer it will take to load the page.

My WFs configTop.png

Icon-Tip If you have a lot of workflows in your site or site collection, you may consider putting an instance of this web part on several different pages. One page may show Running Workflows and another may showed Errored, Paused, and Cancelled.

Paging Settings: Select the number of items to display per page and the maximum number of items to include in the list. My WFs configPaging.png
Display Settings Select Display document titles to display the Title field of an item, if one is available. Select Display filenames to display the Name field of an item, if one is available.

Uncheck the Wrap Text box if you prefer the Web Part zone width to automatically adjust so that all items in this Web Part fit on one line.

My WFs configdisplay.png
Sorting: Select your preferred sort column and sort order. My WFs configSort.png