Edit multiple items in Data-Viewers Datasheet View

Edit multiple items in Data-Viewers Datasheet View

User Guide Infographic Overview of Data-Viewer display

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The Data-Viewer Web Part includes a Datasheet mode to allow quick edits to multiple items. Datasheet mode replaces the default display with a grid view that is similar to SharePoint’s Datasheet mode.

Keep in mind:

  • This feature is not supported for BCS data sources.
  • Edit in Datasheet is supported for SQL Server if the user account configured for access has edit rights and the database is defined with a primary key.

To edit items in datasheet mode:

NOTE: This feature require your administrator to have selected Enable Edit in Datasheet as an Interactive option on the General Settings page of the Data-Viewer configuration screen.

Step Action
1. Edit in Datasheet linkClick Edit in Datasheet to open the datasheet mode.
2. You will be presented with a datasheet display
Datasheet display

Click in the column to make changes.

Datasheet edit options

A. Clicking the x in the Text field editor will clear current content from the editor. If you do not make a change and click in another cell the original text will remain.

B. Choice column selections will display in the drop down.

C. People Selector pop up To change a Person and Group value click the (magnifying glass icon) to access the people picker

Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: If a new user is selected using the people picker, the original content of the cell with be replaced.

D. Date and Time selector

NOTE: Some column types may display with additional markup. Always use the edit features to the right of the value to select or search for new values when changing these columns.


Updated columns will be marked with a red triangle in the upper left corner. This indicates that there are changes that have not yet been saved.Datasheet with unsaved updates

A. Click Apply your Changes to save your updates

B. Refresh to see any changes that may have been made in the data source.

5. Show in Std View linkWhen ready, click Show in Standard View at the top of the datasheet to close the datasheet view and return to the standard view.

changes pending messageIcon-WarningIMPORTANT: Changes will NOT be saved until you click Apply your changes. If you click Show in Standard View without first applying your changes, this message will appear:

Click OK to continue without saving. Otherwise, click Cancel to return to Datasheet view so you can Apply your changes.

User Guide Infographic Overview of Data-Viewer display