How to Filter Data

How to Filter Data

User Guide Infographic Overview of Data-Viewer display

The example below shows a Data-Viewer Web Part with filtering enabled.

DVWP filtering.png

If the Allow filtering option is enabled, the filter boxes are displayed at the top of each column included in the Data-Viewer display. Follow these steps to filter the data:

Step Action

enter text and select operator.pngFilter data by entering a value in the filter text box displayed at the top of each column. For example, enter red fox in the filter box for the Name column, as shown here.

Then click the associated Filter icon (filter icon.png) and choose the operator. In the example shown, choose Contains to filter the list to show only the items where the Name column contains the string red fox.

Selecting the operator implements the filter.


  1. The list of operators is the same, regardless of the type of column displayed.
  2. The filter is NOT case sensitive.
2. To further filter the data set using a filter in a different column, simply enter the text for the appropriate column and choose the operator. The additional criteria will be added to the previous one to further filter the data set.

add a second filter.png

To remove a filter from a column, click the filter icon and select No Filter.

NOTE: This will remove all the filters, not just the filter from the column when you clicked NoFilter.

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User Guide Infographic Overview of Data-Viewer display