How to find the version of a Bamboo Custom Column

How to find the version of a Bamboo Custom Column

NOTE: In order to find the version of a Bamboo custom column, you need to be able to access one of the Web Front End (WFE) servers in your SharePoint farm.

Icon-Tip Using SharePoint 2013? If so, check this video for specific instructions.

Step Action
1. On one of the Web front-end servers in the SharePoint Farm, browse to the %systemroot%assembly folder. This is typically in c:WindowsAssembly, but could be in a different location on your WFE server.

Locate the product assembly for the product you are interested in. Right click the assembly name and choose Properties from the menu that appears. The
windows assembly.jpg
The Properties dialog will appear.

For each custom column, find the appropriate assembly name in the table below:

Product Name Assembly Name
Column Level Security Bamboo.FieldLevelSecurityColumn
Custom Identifier Bamboo.CustomIdentifierColumn
KPI Bamboo.KPIColumn
Lookup Selector Bamboo.LookupPlus
Rating Bamboo.RatingColumn
Rich Text Bamboo.RichText
Validator Bamboo.ColumnValidator
Visual Indicator Bamboo.VisualIndicator

Select the Version tab to view detailed version information about the assembly. Within the listing is an attribute labeled File Version. This is the version of the current installed product.
assembly properties.png

NOTE: If you are running SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013, the first digit representing the major version has an extra 0. See About Bamboo product Version Numbers for more information.