How to find the release of PM Central

How to find the release of PM Central

To locate the file versions of the products contained in PM Central:

Step Action

Navigate to the portfolio site’s PM Central Control Panel.

NOTE: You need to be a user with the appropriate level of permission on the site in order to see this option on the Central Actions menu.

PMCentral control panel link.png

2. On the right side of the PM Control Panel, the release number or version is displayed beneath the heading PM Central Information. The File Version is the version of PM Central that is installed on your farm.
PMC version in panel.jpg

To see the release numbers (or versions) of the components included in PM Central, click the Product Version link in the PM Central Help section of the Control Panel to see the versions of web parts included in PM Central.
PMC product version link in panel.jpg

A list of each product, the assembly name, and the file version is displayed. The version number that is displayed next to the product Bamboo Project Central(assembly name: Bamboo.ProjectCentral.dll) corresponds with the release version of Project Management Central that is installed on your server.

PMC product versions.png

NOTE: If you are running SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013, the first digit of the version number will have an extra 0. Please see About Bamboo product Version Numbers.