Dynamically group a Data-Viewer display

Dynamically group a Data-Viewer display

User Guide Infographic Overview of Data-Viewer display

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Grouping data at run-time helps you manage and organize the presented data.

When using the interactive grouping feature keep in mind:

  • When dynamic grouping is enabled you will see a grouping bar at the top of the web part Grouping bar in Data Viewer
  • Groupings will only be applied to Parent Data. Nested data sets cannot be grouped.

  • Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: All changes made in run-time will be lost when you leave the page, and the default configuration will be restored.

To group data in runtime:

NOTE: This feature require your administrator to have selected Allow Grouping as an Interactive option on the General Settings page of the Data-Viewer configuration screen.

Step Action
1. Dynamic GroupingGroup data by clicking the heading for the column you wish to group by, dragging it to the grouping bar, and dropping it.

Icon-TipWhen you see arrows appear in the upper left corner of the web part you can release the header in the grouping bar.

2. Collasped groupingsWhen the header is dropped in the grouping bar, the data is grouped.
3. Click 'x' to ungroupTo ungroup the data, simply click the ungroup icon (ungroup icon.png).

Icon-Tip If the display was grouped by default, you can ungroup it by clicking the ungroup icon.

User Guide Infographic Overview of Data-Viewer display