How to Install Microsoft Expression Encoder

How to Install Microsoft Expression Encoder

Microsoft Expression Encoder is required to generate thumbnail images for videos uploaded to Video Library, and must be installed separately. For your convenience, Bamboo includes a link in the Video Library Setup program to download the free version of Microsoft Expression Encoder 3. To install Expression Encoder, follow the installation instructions provided on the Microsoft download page.

If you are installing Video Library on Windows Server 2008, you must also install the Desktop Experience feature before using Expression Encoder.

NOTE: If you choose not to install Expression Encoder, thumbnails will not be generated automatically when you upload videos to Video Library. This does not affect video playback. You can assign a thumbnail image to the video manually following the instructions provided in How to Change the Thumbnail Associated with a Media File.

For a list of video formats that Expression Encoder 3 can generate thumbnails for, see the CODECS/IMPORT section of the Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 FAQ. In general, Expression Encoder supports most media file formats that can be played in Windows Media Player.

If you are unsure if a thumbnail can be generated for your video file, try importing the video into Expression Encoder. If Expression Encoder can display a thumbnail, so can Video Library.

Additional information about Expression Encoder can be found in the Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 FAQ.
Video Library also supports Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 for thumbnail generation. If you choose to install this version instead of the version provided with the Video Library Setup program, review the System Requirements section of the download page carefully. Expression Encoder 4 requires .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0.