How to Make an Account Request

How to Make an Account Request

sa07017.jpgOnce configured, it’s easy for new users to request a new account via User Registration Accelerator. The process begins when users visit a page containing User Registration Accelerator. as pictured here.

Step Action

Fill out the required fields (noted by the * red asterisk) included in the Required User Information section.

NOTE: The Optional User Information section does not need to be filled out in order to request an account and can even be removed from the form interface by the administrator if so desired. See the Configuration section for details on removing this section.

2. Click Submit.

If the e-mail address submitted by the user is included in one of the rules stored on the Configuration list and has not yet been used to create an account, an e-mail will be sent out to confirm the authenticity of the address.

NOTE: The contents of this email can be changed by the administrator (see How to Customize Automated Emails for details on how this is done), but will always include a link that confirms the email address, and activates the account.

4. Click the link which confirms the submitted e-mail address; the account will now be created.
5. A second email confirming the creation of the account will be sent to the same e-mail address containing login information.
6. You may be required to change your password after successfully logging in for the first time if the administrator has configured User Registration Accelerator to require it.