How to Map Values to ‘Lookup’ or ‘Choice’ Columns

How to Map Values to ‘Lookup’ or ‘Choice’ Columns

Overview of Import Options

Sometimes the values for choices in your source data don’t match the available choices in the column of your target SharePoint List or Library. Rather than modifying your source data, you can map the values to the appropriate available choice. For example, if your source data has Priority values of High, Medium, and Low but the target SharePoint list has the values for the Priority column set to 1-High, 2-Medium, and 3-Low you don’t need to modify your source data; you just need to map the data appropriately.

Map Values2 with highlight.pngIf your target list or library contains columns of type Choice, Lookup, People and Group, Yes/No, or Bamboo’s Lookup Selector Column, List Bulk Import provides options to map unique values from the source to the available values in the target. Follow these steps to map the data:
Click the Edit Mapping link.

The Metadata Mapping Value screen appears (shown below).

Map Values1 with letters.png

Step Action
A. The Source Column Name you are mapping is displayed at the top of the page, along with the associated target list column, as defined in the previous step. If you have more than one source column to map, you can proceed to the next in the list by clicking Next (see #5) or re-check the previous by clicking Previous.
B. The Target List Values show the available values for the Target Column. In the example below, the column of type choice in the target list has three available values: blue, Green, and Red.
C. The Mapped Values box shows the Source Column values and will also show the Target Column once the value is mapped.
D. Use the buttons between Target List Values and Mapped Values to Map, Unmap, or Auto Map values.
E. Use the Previous and Next buttons to step through the source columns to map. In the screen shot above, these buttons are grayed because there is only one source column to map. It is called name.
F. When all the values for all the Source Columns have been mapped, click Close to proceed to the next step.