How to Review Import Results Using the Log Viewer

How to Review Import Results Using the Log Viewer

Overview of Import Options

To review import results immediately after an import process completes, follow the steps in the table below. If you need to open a log file from a previous import, see Review the results of an import that ran unattended.

Step Action
1. To get to the Log Files Viewer screen immediately after an import completes, select View Log when your import completes

HW18 file rep complete - view log.png

The Summary tab of the Log Files Viewer page shows general information about the run.

HW18 file rep complete - view log2.png

The information displayed includes:

  • Log File: the name of the log file displayed
  • Source Name: the location from which data was imported. Depending on the import, this may show a network file system, a delimited text file, an Excel file, or a SQL table or view.
  • Target Name: the target site for imported data
  • Login: the user who ran the import
  • Status:
    • Failed if any records were not imported;
    • Completed if all records were imported.
  • Folder(s): The number of folders that were imported
  • File(s): The number of files that were imported
  • Successes: the number of records successfully imported. If replicating files from a network file location, this will be the sum of the Folder(s) and File(s).
  • Import Started: the date and time the import started.
  • Failures: the number of records that were not imported.

    NOTE: These may not actually be failures, as you may have instructed the application to skip duplicates. These skipped records would appear in the Failures total.

  • Import Finished: the date and time the import finished.
  • Error Details: this is a short explanation of the types of failures that occurred.

To view details about specific items included in the import:

  • Click the Failures tab to review the records that were not imported due to failures. Review the cause for the failure in the Reason column.
    HW18 file rep complete - view log3.png

  • Click the Successes tab to review the records that were imported successfully.
    HW18 file rep complete - view log4.png

  • Click the All Items tab to see success and failure details for all items in the import.
    HW18 file rep complete - view log5.png


If you want to view a log file from a different import, click zoom icon (hw18015.gif) on the Summary tab and browse for the desired log file.

Log files have the same name as the import file, with date-time information added before the extension. For example, for an import file called test3.txt, an associated log file name is


Logs files are located within the same directory as the List Bulk Import application, in the Log folder (Program FilesBamboo Solutions CorporationBamboo Bulk Import ApplicationLog).

If you didn’t name your import file, the log file will have a generic name, such as: