How to Review the Log File

How to Review the Log File

To review the Log File, follow these steps:

Step Action
1. Run the List Bulk Import or List Bulk Export application and select File and then View Log Files from the main menu. The log file information page appears.
HW18 Log Viewer.png

Click ZoomTool.gif and browse for the desired log file. The information displayed is:

  • XML Log File: The name of the export log file.
  • SharePoint URL: The location of the SharePoint server.
  • Document Library: The name of the document library.
  • View: The view of the document library.
  • Created by: One who ran the export
  • Status: The reason will show Failed if any records were not exported.
  • Folders: The number of folders that were exported.
  • Export Folder: The location on the Network File System where the files were copied.
  • Files: The number of files successfully exported.
  • Successful Item(s): The number of successfully exported files.
  • No. of Failures: The number of records that were not exported.
  • Export Started: The date and time the export started.
  • Export Finished: The date and time the export finished.

    Note: These may not actually be failures, as you may have instructed the application not to overwrite existing files.

  • Export Message: This is a short explanation of the types of failures that occurred. Click on the Failures tab to see the specific records that failed.> Log files are created in the Log folder beneath the folder where the Export Application is installed. The log file name also indicates if the export was an interactive or scheduled process.

The Summary tab includes general information about the job.

NOTE: It is the only tab with a Close button. You will need to come back to it in order to close the Log Viewer.

4. Click Failures tab to review the records that were not exported due to failures.
5. Click Successes to review the records that were exported successfully.
6. Click All Items to review all the records that were processed, both successes and failures.
7. To close the Log Viewer, go to the Summary page and click Close.