How to Update User Directory Profile Information

How to Update User Directory Profile Information

Users who have permission to update the user profile information are able to make changes to the profile database.

Step Action Result
1. To update a user profile, click on the Edit button at the bottom of the tab window. hw08044.jpg
2. The Web Part displays the fields that can be edited by the user. The fields are again grouped by each section: Contact Information, General, Organization, About Me, and other tabs as available. The system also displays two icons next to each field:
hw08046.jpg Indicates a field that will be visible to everyone (marked as Public in the profile). This icon is not used in MOSS 2007 or WSS 3.0. There is a separate column to the far right of the user profile fields that allow you to choose who each field is visible to (depending on the available options for that field).
hw08048.jpg Indicates a field that is scheduled to be updated automatically from the other corporate profile directory, such as Active Directory. Changes to these properties may be lost if the import is run after the edit session.

> NOTE: To edit the text that is displayed when you move your mouse over this icon, locate the language file that is selected in the Web Part tool pane settings in the following directory: C:inetpubwwwrootwssVirtualDirectories 80wpresourcesBamboo.UserDirectory1033.English.xml (or whichever language file you are using)
Open the XML file in Notepad and locate the text that is in the hover text currently. Edit only the text between the tags, then save the language file.
To edit the profile, make your changes and then click Save.

NOTE: When you edit and change the “Report To” information of a user, the tree on the left does not automatically refresh while you are in the Organization view. You can manually refresh the view by selecting another view (Alphabetical) and then switching back to the Organization view.

3. Upload User Pictures:
The User Directory allows you to upload profile pictures. When you are using the Web Part in the AD mode, you can browse for a GIF or JPEG image and upload directly from the user interface and the image is stored in AD. You can also configure the Web Part so that the image is stored in a SharePoint Library of your choice instead of AD. In the SP mode, you can specify the path to a SP Library where an image file is already uploaded or copy and paste the URL to a picture on the internet by editing the profile in the Web Part.