How to Use Calendar Plus with Web Part Connections

How to Use Calendar Plus with Web Part Connections

Calendar Plus can be connected to other SharePoint lists if the data source for Calendar Plus is a list or List Rollup.
This feature is available for a single list as a source.

Note: If the user has multiple lists as source, Web Part Connections cannot be used. In this case, when attempting to use Web Part Connections for filtering, after selecting Consume Filter From, the following pop-up window will be displayed.

Filter Using Web Part Connection for a Single List as a Source

Step Action Result
1. Create a standard SharePoint list containing team members responsible for various tasks.
2. Open the web part menu and select Connections > Send Row of Data To HW20_2013_WebPartConnect1.jpg
Select the column that contains the Provider Field Name and Consumer Field Name.


3. Alternatively, you can make the connection from Calendar Plus, via Connections > Consume Filter From > Person responsible. HW20_2013_WebPartConnect3.jpg



Once your List View Web Part (in this example, Person responsible) is added to the page, you can filter based on a selected view.
* Select an item (in this case, one of the persons set in List View) for filtering calendar data by clicking on the arrow next to the specific item.
* When a view is selected in the list, the arrow will change to bold.
* To deselect an item, click on another view.

Note: Web Part Connections is a good option if you want to filter on a specific data. If you want to view all items, or have multiple lists, use the Runtime Filter option.

5. The following example shows the Calendar displaying the assigned tasks for both persons set in Person responsible List View.


NOTE:If you filter on one of the item of the List View when using Web Part Connection (described in step 3), only assigned tasks related to that specific person are displayed in the Calendar.