Using the Data-Viewer Inline Edit form

Using the Data-Viewer Inline Edit form

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Inline Editicon
Inline editing is a useful feature because it displays a short, easy to fill in form, within the Data-Viewer display.

When using the Inline Editing feature keep in mind:

  • By default, the following columns will be available for edit in the inline edit form-

    • Editable columns that are included in the display
    • Columns that are required in the form.
  • If the Edit Default Fields option was selected the columns configured for default display will appear in the form, even if the column was dynamically removed from the display by the user.
    Edit Default Fields was added in Data-Viewer 3.7

  • Inline editing is supported for SQL Server if the user account configured for access has edit rights and the database is defined with a primary key.

  • Inline editing is not supported for BCS data sources.

To edit data inline:

Allow Inline edit configuration


1. This feature requires your administrator to have selected Allow inline editing as an Interactive option on the General Settings page of the Data-Viewer configuration screen.
2. When Allow inline editing is selected, Add required fields to edit form will be selected by default

Step Action
  • Click the Inline icon (Icon).
    The Inline Edit icon changed from this (Old Icon) in Data-Viewer 3.7

  • The inline form will be displayed. Required columns are marked with a red asterix.

    NOTE: Non-editable columns are not displayed in the inline edit form.

    Inline Edit form
  • Update the available fields.

  • When ready, click Update to save your changes and close the online form, or click Cancel to close the form without saving any changes.

NOTE: Only one form is displayed at a time.

User Guide Infographic Overview of Data-Viewer display