Increase the log level for your DWG Parser

Increase the log level for your DWG Parser

If you are seeing an issue with the DWG Parser and need more detail about exactly what is happening during the parsing, you can increase the log level. By default the log level is set to log just ERRORs. For the most detail, set the log level to ALL.

To change the log level for your DWG Parser, follow these steps:

Step Action
1. On the WFE server where the Bamboo.DocumentParserService is installed, browse to the installation directory. If you chose the defaults during installation, this should be C:Program FilesBamboo Solutions CorporationBamboo DWGParser.

Locate the file called Bamboo.DocumentParserService.exe.logging.config and edit it in Notepad.

NOTE: If you are running in a 64-bit environment, you will need to run Notepad with elevated permissions in order to edit this file.

3. Change the line <level value=”ERROR” /> to <level value=”ALL” /> to increase the logging level.
4. Save the change to the Bamboo.DocumentParserService.exe.logging.config file.
5. Restart the Bamboo.DocumentParserService in order for your change to take effect.