Installing using the updated install process (PMC)

Installing using the updated install process

Overview of the Updated Installation Process

In April 2017, with the Q1 Cumulative Update (CU) Bamboo introduced updated install/uninstall processes for component products (web parts). For more information about why this was introduced, please see Overview of the Updated Installation Process for Bamboo components

To install using the updated install process, please follow these steps (Warning.. Installs should be performed in Non-Peak hours as your farm will temporarily go offline):

No. Function
1. Download the install package from My Bamboo.
2. Extract the contents of the package.
3. run with PowerShell Admin.jpgRun the Install.ps1 from a WFE server in PowerShell as an admin.

install script.jpgThe script will look for WSPs in the install folder and list those found. It will install them in alpha order.

Rather than deploying the solution immediately after its installed, the script schedules deployment time for 1 minute in the future so multiple installs won’t collide.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: By default, the script deploys solutions to all content web applications. If you don’t want to do this, please update the script for your needs.

5. When the deployment completes, check Central Administration to confirm deployment completion.
6. Activate in the desired Site Collections. See Activating a Bamboo Site Collection Feature for details.