Installing a Bamboo application

Installing a Bamboo application

NOTE: Installation of the List Bulk Import or Bulk Export application requires administrative rights on the computer that the program is installed on. Before installing List Bulk Import or List Bulk Export, make sure you have .NET 3.5 Framework installed. If you have an earlier . NET version, the Installer will automatically detect it, and ask you to download the latest version. You cannot install the application until you have installed .NET 3.5.

To install the application, follow these steps:

Step Action
1. Download the self-extracting product EXE from the storefront and save it to a local folder on the PC or server where you want to install the application.
Double-click the product EXE file to extract the contents of the product download. The Setup program will automatically start. See below for a screenshot of the List Bulk Import setup. The List Bulk Export setup is similar.

bulk import setup.jpg
To start the Setup program manually, double-click the Setup.bat file in the root of the folder where the product files were extracted.


If you are planning to import data into a SharePoint Online site (via Office365), make sure you have the Windows Identity Foundation installed. If this is not in your plans, skip this step.

NOTE: Support for importing into SharePoint Online was a new feature in List Bulk Import Release 2.5. If you don’t see the Windows Identity Foundation component listed, you may have an earlier release. List Bulk Export does not support exporting from SharePoint Online, so you won’t see this component in that install.

When you highlight the Windows Identity Foundation component in the Setup, a link to a download from Microsoft is shown on the right side of the screen (see below).



Highlight the List Bulk Import component in the Setup and review the Installation Location and Required Installation Permissions on the right side of the screen.

When you are ready to install, click Install.

bulk import location and permissions.jpg
The installation will begin.

4. Click Next on the first page.


5. Choose the folder to install to and whether you want to install it for your use only or for everyone. Click Next.


6. In the Confirm Installation window, click Next.


7. In the Installation Complete window, click Close to exit the installation wizard.



To run List Bulk Import or List Bulk Export, click the icon on your desktop, or access it from Start Menu > All Programs.

NOTE: Until you license your application with a valid license key, you will be restricted to importing or exporting only 15 items each time. See Installing the Bamboo License Manage 2.9 for more information about installing the License Manager and licensing your application.