Using the PM Central Issues list

Using the PM Central Issues list

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When working with Issues keep in mind:

  • Active issues associated with active projects are rolled up and displayed on the Portfolio site and applicable Department sites.

  • By default, the number of overdue issues will be used by the Issues Status Key Performance Indicator in the Project Health list.

  • The My Active Issues display, found under the My Summary tab at all levels of the PM Central hierarchy, will show issues assigned to the logged in user.

To create a new issue:

Step Action Result
1. Click
Add New Issue in the Central Actions drop down


From the Issues tab, under Issues and Risks, click Add New Item above the All Active Issues data view.

Links to Add New Isssue

Enter a Title and Assigned To

Keep in mind:
If Alert Plus alerts have been enabled in the PM Central portfolio the assignee will receive an Alert notifying them of the assignment.

Additional reminder notifications are also available.

The New Issues form
3. Provide information about the issue including;
Priority, Description, Category, Related Issues and Related Tasks
4. Enter a Due Date for the issue.
5. Click Save Issues with an Active Issue Status will be displayed in the All Active Issues data-view under on the Issues page

Overview of PM Central Hierarchy Overview of the Project Site