KB Client Tag Cloud

KB Client Tag Cloud

How to Use the KB Client Site

Knowledge Base Tag Cloud List allows Administrators to add new tags to be associated with articles. End users on the KB Client site can then click on a tag cloud to view articles associated with that tag. The Tag Cloud page allows users to search for articles using tag terms. Users can select the most viewed articles by selecting the largest tag term in the tag cloud. Tags must be created in the KB Admin site. See Using the KB Admin Site for more information.

Add tags to the Bamboo KB Tag Cloud List:

Step Action
1. From the KB Admin site, click All Site Content.
2. Under Lists, select Bamboo KB Tag Cloud.
3. Click Add new item to add a new tag to the list. Click Save.

A larger tag size indicates a greater number of articles associated with that tag. Click a tag to view all articles associated with that tag.

Use the drop-down list to search for specific tags that begin with a letter within the grouping; for example, you would find the word SharePoint in the S-T group.