Bamboo KB Admin Site

Bamboo KB Admin Site

Overview of Knowledge Base Solution Accelerator

sa05004.jpgUse the navigation sidebar in the KBSA Admin Site to create and manage articles, answer users’ questions, manage article images, approve and manage users’ comments, and create and manage Knowledge Base categories.

Locate articles using the tree view, the Most Popular Articles box, the Latest Additions box or the All Articles box. You can create, edit or delete categories directly from the tree by right-clicking on a category. The All Articles box shows all articles for the selected category. If no category is selected (which is the default), then all articles are displayed in the All Articles box.

The KB Admin site allows Knowledge Base administrators to view data about articles and authors, create new articles, manage existing articles, approve and manage article comments, answer end-user questions, manage images, and create and manage Knowledge Base article categories.

The KB Admin site must be configured before it can be used. Read KBSA Configuration Overview for information on configuring the KB Admin site.

Access the lists, libraries, discussion boards and other site content used in the KB Admin site by selecting Site Actions > View All Site Content and selecting the desired item.