Listing of Bamboo Web Parts and their associated Activation DLLs

Listing of Bamboo Web Parts and their associated Activation DLLs

Use this list when you need to extend a trial with a *.lic file. See Use the provided .lic file to an extend your product’s trial period for more information.

NOTE: When products were ported to SP2010, many of the activation DLLs were moved to the GAC and remain there for SP2013. This list will tell you the name of the activation DLL and where it resides for the current release.

The GAC is the Windows Global Assembly Cache and is a location on each server in your SharePoint farm. It is typically found at c:WindowsAssembly.

If an activation DLL is not in the GAC, it will be in the BIN. The BIN refers to the BIN location within a particular web application of your SharePoint farm. A product activation DLL that resides in the BIN should be found in the BIN of all web applications where it has been deployed.

Product Activation DLL in the GAC?
Alert Plus Web Part (HW05) Bamboo.AlertPlus.DLL Yes for SP2010 and SP2013, but in the BIN for SP2007
Alerts Administrator (HW39) Bamboo.AlertsAdministrator.Application.dll Yes
Bulk Export (HW33) Bamboo.BulkExport.dll No. It is wherever you install it.
Bulk Import (HW18) Bamboo.BulkImport.exe No. It is wherever you install it.
Calendar Plus Web Part (HW20) Bamboo.CalendarViewExtended.DLL Yes
Chart Plus Web Part (HW27) Bamboo.Chart.DLL No, BIN
Column Level Security (HW41G) Bamboo.FieldLevelSecurityColumn.DLL Yes
Community Central (SA15) Bamboo.CommunityCentralPack.DLL Yes
Cross List Web Part (HW09) Bamboo.CrossList.DLL No, BIN
Cross Site Web Part (HW63) Bamboo.CrossSiteDisplay.DLL Yes for SP2010 and SP2013, but in the BIN for SP2007
Custom Identifier Column (HW41H) Bamboo.CustomIdentifierColumn.DLL Yes
Data-Viewer Web Part (HW37) Bamboo.SPGridView.DLL Yes
Discussion Board Plus (SA75) Bamboo.DiscussionBoardPlusPack.DLL Yes
File Share Library (HW60) Bamboo.FileShareLibrary.DLL Yes
Filters Collection (HW61) Bamboo.SharePointFilters.DLL Yes for SP2010 and SP2013, but in the BIN for SP2007
Grants Management (SA02) Bamboo.GrantManagementAcceleratorPack.DLL Yes
Group Email Web Part (HW14) Bamboo.GroupEmail.DLL No, BIN
Group Redirect Web Part (HW12) Bamboo.GroupRedirect.WebPart.DLL
for SP2007, it was Bamboo.GroupRedirect.dll
Hello Web Part (FW01) No Activation Required
In-Out Schedule Board (SA06) Bamboo.InAndOutScheduleBoardPack.DLL Yes
IT Productivity Pack (PB01) Separate license Keys were issued for the individual, included products (HW06: Password Change Web Part, HW07: User Account Setup Web Part, and HW10: Password Reset Web Part). This product is no longer available. Please see Password Management Toolkit for its successor.
Knowledge Base (SA05) Bamboo.KBAcceleratorPack.DLL Yes
KPI Column (HW41J) Bamboo.KPIColumn.DLL Yes
List Consolidator (HW72) Bamboo.ListConsolidator.DLL No, BIN
List Integrity Web Part (HW01) Bamboo.WebParts.LinkedList.dll (was available only for SP2007) Yes
List Print (HW50) Bamboo.ListPrint.DLL Yes
List Rollup Web Part (HW24) Bamboo.ListRollupDataSourceControl.dll Yes
List Rotator Web Part (HW21) Bamboo.ListRotator.DLL No, BIN
List Search Simple Web Part (HW11A) Bamboo.SimpleSearch.DLL Yes
List Search Advanced Web Part (HW11B) Bamboo.AdvancedSearch.DLL Yes
Lookup Selector Column (HW41AB) Bamboo.LookupPlus.DLL Yes
Mini Calendar Web Part (HW22) Bamboo.MiniCalendar.DLL Yes
My Alerts Organizer (HW40) Bamboo.MyAlerts.Application.DLL Yes
Navigators (HW55) Bamboo.Navigators.DLL Yes
Office to PDF Conversion Solutions Accelerator (BW04) Bamboo.Conversion.OOfDoc2PDF.dll No. It is wherever you install it.
Password Change Web Part (HW06) Bamboo.HelperWebParts.ChangePassword.DLL Yes
Password Expiration Web Part (HW23) Bamboo..dll Yes
Password Management Toolkit (PB01) Bamboo.PasswordManagementToolkit.dll Yes
Password Reset Web Part (HW10) HW10 R1.x – Bamboo.Utility.DLL
HW10 R2.x – Bamboo.DirectoryServices.dll
Yes, as of R2.x
PM Central (SA12) Bamboo.SharePointProjectManagementCentral.dll Yes
PM Central Mobile (SA12M) Bamboo.Web.PMC.RESTEndPoint.DLL Yes
Poll Web Part (HW38) Bamboo.PollVoting.dll Yes
Project Portfolio Dashboard (SA35) Bamboo.ProjectPortfolioDashboard.DLL Yes
Rating Column (HW41I) Bamboo.RatingColumn.DLL Yes
Rich Text Column (HW41C) Bamboo.RichText.DLL Yes
SharePoint Desktop Explorer (HW02) Bamboo.SPExplore.dll (This product is no longer available) N/A
Site Creation Plus (HW28) Bamboo.SiteCreationPlus.DLL Yes
SQL View Web Part (HW04) Bamboo.SQLView.WebPart.DLL or
(not supported in SP2013)
Task Master (HW45) Bamboo.TaskMaster.DLL Yes
Team Calendar (HW34) Bamboo.TeamCalendar.DLL Yes
Time Tracking and Management (SA12A) Bamboo.TimeTrackingManagementPack.DLL Yes
Tree View Web Part (HW03) Bamboo.TreeView.DLL Yes
User Account Setup Web Part (HW07) Bamboo.UserAccount.Setup.WebPart.DLL No, BIN
User Directory Web Part (HW08) Bamboo.UserDirectory.DLL Yes
User Manager for Sites (??)
User Management Solution Accelerator (SA01) ..Bamboo Solutions CorporationBamboo User Management Bamboo.UserManagement.ServiceFactory.dll*
User Profile Plus Web Part (HW29) Bamboo.WSSUserProfile.DLL No, BIN
User Profile Sync (HW19) Bamboo.SPProfileADSync.exe No. It is where you install it.
User Redirect Web Part (HW13) Bamboo.UserRedirect.DLL No, BIN
Validator Column (HW41E) Bamboo.ColumnValidator.DLL Yes
Video Library (HW69) Bamboo.VideoLibrary.DLL Yes
Virtual Map View Web Part (HW31) Bamboo.VirtualMapView.DLL Yes
Visual Indicator Column (HW41D) Bamboo.VisualIndicator .DLL Yes
Wiki Publisher (HW51) Bamboo.DocumentConversion.DLL Yes
Workflow Conductor (SA08) Bamboo.Conductor.License.dll Yes
World Clock and Weather Web Part (HW17) No Activation Required