Location Arrangements & Text Styles for World Clock and Weather

Location Arrangements & Text Styles for World Clock and Weather

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Location Arrangements
HW17_LocationArrangementsWPP.jpg Step Action Result
1. Size

Select Medium or Small from the Size drop-down list.

  • Medium images measure 96×64.
  • Small images measure 36×36.
2. Orientation Select Horizontal or Vertical from the Orientation drop-down list. This option will arrange multiple locations in a row (horizontal) or in a column (vertical).
3. Alignment Select Right, Center or Left from the Alignment drop-down list. This option will align the icons within the Web Part zone.
4. Maximum locations to display per row Select the maximum number of locations that you want to display per row, using the drop-down list.
5. Enable Scroll If you select the Enable scroll checkbox, the maximum number of images will be displayed with scrollbars instead of in multiple rows.
Text Styles
Format the Location, Temperature, and Date/Time text by clicking on the icon to display the Text Formatting dialog box.

Font Dialog: The Font dialog box appears with six combo boxes of a simple style, a group box that contains the font label, a combo box of a drop down font style, and a size box for the font size. Below these combo boxes are more style boxes to generate foreground and background colors as well as more font styles such as superscript or all uppercase fonts.

The box below is a preview box so that when you click apply, you can see how your choices will look before you commit them. Click OK when you are finished formatting the text.

Location Borders
Define the color of the border line around each location. Select the color or provide a hexadecimal value for the color of the border around each location.