Manipulate the Rollup Data in the List Rollup Grid View

Manipulate the Rollup Data in the List Rollup Grid View

Overview of the List Rollup Web Parts

Depending on the configuration of your List Rollup Grid View, you may see all or some of the features highlighted below.

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Item Description

Sort. If enabled, click the heading of any column to sort the data. Clicking the same column a second time reverses the sort order.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: The display can be sorted by only one column at a time.


hw24 lrgv filter.jpgFilter. If enabled, enter filter text in the box at the top of a column and then click the filter icon (filter icon.jpg) to choose the filter type. The data will be filtered to show only that which meets the filter criteria.

NOTE: Depending on the data type displayed in the column, the available filter types may vary.

To remove the filter, delete the filter text and choose No Filter as the filter type.


hw24 lrgv group.jpgGroup. If enabled, group the data by dragging a column header to the group bar at the top of the display. The grouping will appear expanded or collapsed, depending on the configuration.

Add a second level of grouping by dragging a second column to the group bar.

To remove a grouping, click the X next to the column name in the group bar.

4. Show Settings. This button is shown only to users who are members of the SharePoint Group configured to be able to modify the settings of the display. See Display a List Rollup Schema using the Grid View for details about how to modify the settings of the display.
5. Page Navigation. If the displayed data spans multiple pages, use the page navigation to jump to various pages as needed.
6. Data Summary. The Data Summary tells you the total number of items and the total page count for the current display.
7. Export to Excel or PDF. If enabled, click one of these links to export the items to Excel. You will be asked to save or view the resulting Excel spreadsheet file. In version 7.0 and higher, you also have the option to export to PDF format.

Overview of the List Rollup Web Parts