Manually Installing a Product MSI

Manually Installing a Product MSI

Options for Installing

To install a program manually, follow these steps:

Step Action

manually install msi.jpgPrograms are typically installed from an *.msi file. Locate that file in the installation files of your Bamboo product. It is typically found in the /msi folder.

Right click and select Install from the menu. As an example, see the install files of the Bamboo User Profile Sync product here.

NOTE: Depending on the OS on your server, your interface may look slightly different.


HW19 manual msi install1.jpgIf this is the first time installing, the first screen will welcome you to the Setup Wizard. Click Next to proceed.

NOTE: The screen shots in this and subsequent steps show the Bamboo User Profile Sync Setup Wizard, but other programs (i.e. List Bulk Import, List Bulk Export) are similar.

3. HW19 manual msi install2.jpgSelect the installation location and click Next.
4. HW19 manual msi install3.jpgConfirm the installation and click Next.
5. HW19 manual msi install4.jpgAcknowledge the installation complete message and click Close.