Map a Local xls, xlsx, csv, or txt Migration

Map a Local xls, xlsx, csv, or txt Migration

Overview of Importing

Once your Target is configured, the Column Mapping section will populate. You also have the option to Delete the existing list before migration.


  • Checkboxes: Select which columns you would like to import. The turquoise column will display arrows for importing columns and X’s for skipped columns.
  • Source/Type: Describes the column title and content type of the source.
  • Target/Type: Use the Target Dropdown to select a destination for the source column in each row. The Target Type will be the type of the imported information.
  • Sample Source Data: Displays an example item from the Source column as it will appear in the target.
  • Mapping: Indicates whether mapping is required for choice or look-up columns. If you see a red pencil icon, some mapping is required. Read more about lookup/choice mapping here.

Additional Configuration Options

When you’re done configuring the migration, confirm that you’ve mapped all the columns you would like to import. Unmapped columns will not import. Click Migrate to continue.

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