Migrate Discussion Board Plus from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013

Migrate Discussion Board Plus from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013

NOTE: In order to migrate a Bamboo product to SharePoint 2103 from a SharePoint 2010 environment, you need to ensure that the SharePoint 2010 farm has the appropriate version installed. If your Bamboo product version is older, you may need to upgrade the SharePoint 2010 version before migrating to SharePoint 2013. Please refer to information about the specific products that are installed on the farm you are migrating for possible additional steps needed or limitations of the migration. Please note that Discussion Board Plus does not support “SharePoint 2010 look and feel” on SharePoint 2013.

For additional information about upgrading your existing SharePoint 2010 Farm to SharePoint 2013, read these TechNet articles:

Bamboo Solutions supports the Database Attach upgrade method for upgrading to SharePoint 2013. Bamboo does not support the downgrade of SharePoint editions during a migration (i.e., SharePoint Server 2010 to SharePoint Foundation 2013).

Migration Steps

Step Action Description
1. Follow Microsoft’s Upgrade databases from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 article to perform the database-attach migration. NOTE: Install the Discussion Board Plus Upgrade Console to upgrade the site collection containing your migrated Discussion Board Plus lists. Please follow the additional migration instruction outlined in Step 4.
2. During the migration process, retrieve the SharePoint 2013 installation package and license keys for the Bamboo products you are migrating.
See Migrate your Bamboo Product License Key From one SharePoint version to another for additional details.

After successfully migrating your farm to SharePoint 2013 (the Microsoft bits), run the SharePoint 2013 Bamboo product installation package(s) downloaded in Step 2 above. During the installation, under Deployment Targets, be sure to select the appropriate Web Applications where the Bamboo product was deployed in the old environment.
For more information about installation, refer to How to run the Installation-Setup Program.

NOTE: The Bamboo Web License Manager only has to be installed once. Skip this step for subsequent Bamboo product installations. If you are installing multiple Bamboo products, you only need to install the Web License Manager once on the new farm.

4. Discussion Board Plus Upgrade Utility:
After installing Discussion Board Plus, access the Central Administration site for SharePoint 2013 and click Upgrade Utility under Bamboo Discussion Board Plus Settings –


4A. Upgrade Site Collection:
Enter the root Site Collection URL to upgrade Discussion Board Plus lists in a single site collection.
4B. (or) Upgrade Web Application:
Enter the Web Application URL to upgrade Discussion Board Plus lists in the web application.
5. Activate the SharePoint 2013 versions of Bamboo products.