Modify a Scheduled Import

Modify a Scheduled Import

Overview of Import Options

If you need to change the frequency of a scheduled import, change the day it runs, or stop it from running, follow these steps:

Step Action
1. HW18 - Modify Import Schedule.pngFrom the main List Bulk Import interface, click Modify Scheduled Import.
2. HW18 - Modify Import Schedule2.pngClick OK to acknowledge that the application is starting Windows Task Scheduler.
3. The Task Scheduler available on your PC opens. The one shown here from a Windows 7 PC.

HW18 - Task Scheduler Win7.png

Click Task Scheduler Library in the left pane to see the available jobs.

HW18 - get job properties.pngRight click the job you want to modify and select Properties from the menu.

Icon-Tip If you want to delete or disable your scheduled job, click Delete or Disable from this menu. Disabled jobs can be enabled at a later time.

The Properties dialog appears.


Click the Triggers tab of the Properties dialog, and then click Edit to modify the schedule. The Edit Trigger dialog appears.

HW18 - edit trigger.png

On the Edit Trigger dialog, make the necessary changes.

Icon-Tip If desired, you can change the schedule to repeat every month and expire on a certain date. These options are not available from the Schedule Import dialog of the List Bulk Import because it can show only those features available on most Task Schedulers.

HW18 - edit trigger2.png

When ready, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel to close the dialog without making any changes.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: Bamboo recommends changes to the Triggers tab only. The remaining tabs are preconfigured based on the requirements of the List Bulk Import application.