Modify a Scheduled Import

Modify a Scheduled Import

Overview of Importing

If you need to change the frequency of a scheduled import, change the day it runs, or stop it from running, follow the steps below.

To schedule an import, see Schedule Unattended & Recurring Imports.

Step Action
1. filemenu.pngFrom the main file menu, click Migration Scheduler > Modify Scheduled Migration.
2. tasknote.pngClick OK to acknowledge that the application is starting Windows Task Scheduler.
3. The Task Scheduler available on your PC opens. The one shown here from a Windows 7 PC.

task screen.png

Click Task Scheduler Library in the left pane to see the available jobs.

opentask.pngRight click the job you want to modify and select Properties from the menu.

Icon-Tip If you want to delete or disable your scheduled job, click Delete or Disable from this menu. Disabled jobs can be enabled at a later time.

The Properties dialog appears.


Click the Triggers tab of the Properties dialog, and then click Edit to modify the schedule. The Edit Trigger dialog appears.


On the Edit Trigger dialog, make the necessary changes.

Icon-Tip If desired, you can change the schedule to repeat every month and expire on a certain date. These options are not available from the Schedule Import dialog of the List Bulk Import because it can show only those features available on most Task Schedulers.


When ready, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel to close the dialog without making any changes.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: Bamboo recommends changes to the Triggers tab only. The remaining tabs are preconfigured based on the requirements of the application.

Overview of Importing