Modifying the Alert Plus List View

Modifying the Alert Plus List View

DefaultView.jpgThe content and format of the Alert Plus item list is based on the Alert+ Configuration List. The default view of this list is called Alert+ Configuration ListView.

You can modify this view to change what is displayed in Alert Plus. Changing the Alert+ Configuration ListView will change how items are displayed in all instances of Alert Plus in the site.

The default columns that display on the page where you add Alert Plus are illustrated in this image. DefaultColumnOrder.jpgAny of the following changes you may make to the list view will apply to all Alert Plus instances you have added to your site:

  • Adding columns to the view
  • Changing the order columns are displayed
  • Sort order
  • Filtering
  • Item Limit

Should you modify any of the following list view options, these changes will not be impact instance of Alert Plus that you add to your site; you will need to modify individual web parts on a page should you prefer to modify the following options:

  • Grouping
  • Removing columns included in the default view
  • Totals
  • Style

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