Modifying the Timer Job Schedule for Community Central

Modifying the Timer Job Schedule for Community Central

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Both of the Community Central timer jobs (the Master Timer Job and the Update Site Information Time Job) are set by default to run every five minutes. The timer job schedule settings can be modified by following these few steps:

Step Action Description
1. From Central Administration, click the Monitoring link in the left-side panel.
2. Click the Review job definitions link in the Timer Jobs section. SA15_ReviewJobDefinitions_2013.png
3. Scroll down the list of job definition titles and locate the two Community Central timer jobs. Click on the timer job you wish to modify. SA15_ListTimerJobs.jpg
4. Enter the new values on which you want the timer job to run. First, click the radio button to select Minutes, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Next, enter the corresponding time value for the job.

For example, if you want the timer job to run every 15 minutes, click to select Minutes, and then enter 15 in the Every_minute(s) field.


NOTE: Each timer job may take several minutes to complete processing; therefore, these jobs cannot be set to run less often than every five minutes. If a value of less than five minutes is entered, Community Central will change the value back to the default minimum of five minutes to maintain a processing safety cushion.

5. Click OK to save the new settings. Click Run Now to run the timer job immediately.

NOTE: You can check the Last run time: for the job on the same page within the Job Properties row.