Navigator Look and Feel Settings

Navigator Look and Feel Settings

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LFsettings.jpgIn the Web Part Tool Pane you can configure the following Look and Feel Settings to customize the Web Part Menu to individual needs.

Step Action Result
1. Inherit from site theme Select this option to change the look and feel (also know as skin) to reflect your site’s theme.
2. Custom Style Selecting this option, lets you apply custom style settings and opens a URL window in which to enter the location of your custom style.
3. Menu Style

You have two options within this selection.

  • Select Skin – Choose from the drop-down list to select from the available skin types depending on the web part you have chosen.
  • Font Format – Click on the checkbox with letter “A” to configure font settings in a dialog box.
    Select Font (use the arrows for selection), Style and Size to format font. Click OK and the selected format is displayed in the sample box. Change the color by picking a new color for Foreground and Hover and Selected respectively. Click apply and ok and the selected format is displayed in the sample box.

4. Automatically resize the Menu This box is set by default. Deselect this box to set menu size manually.
5. Menu Size If you choose not to automatically resize the menu, add a pixel (px) value for setting a static width for the menu.