Opening a Workflow Template

Opening a Workflow Template

Overview of Workflow Conductor Templates

open option on menu R4.jpgTo open a workflow template from the template gallery, click the Open icon in the Conductor Studio ribbon.

A list of your available templates will be displayed in the My Templates tab of the Template Gallery. Select one or click the Shared Templates or Featured Templates tab to select a template from one of those tabs and then click Open. The workflow template will load into Conductor Studio.

open template R4.jpg


  1. Opening a workflow template in Conductor Studio does not open the workflow deployed or published to the current list. You are opening the template that is saved to the template gallery.
  2. By default, a saved workflow template can only be opened and edited by the designer who saved it, or by a template manager. For information about sharing templates so other users can view and save a copy of them, see Sharing Workflow Templates.

More Information About the Template Gallery

The Template Gallery is organized into the tabs described in the table below. By default, the templates in each tab are sorted in the order the template was last saved so the one created most recently is at the top of the list. To sort or filter the list, see Filter or Sort the List of Templates in the Template Gallery.

To open a template, select it and then click Open.

Gallery Tab Description
My Templates This is the tab that is displayed by default. Workflow templates created and saved by the logged in user (the current workflow designer) appear in this list. No one else, except template managers, can see these templates unless the workflow designer chooses to share a template.
Shared Templates Workflow templates that all workflow designers can open appear here. When you open a shared template, any changes you make to it are saved as a new copy of the template in your My Templates list. The original shared template is not affected. Any workflow designer can share a template. See Sharing Workflow Templates for more information.
Featured Templates These are templates a system administrator with access to the Workflow Conductor Control Panel in SharePoint Central Administration has selected to appear in the Featured Templates list. This list may include frequently used templates or templates approved for use in your SharePoint environment. See Featured workflow templates for more information.
Manage Templates If you are a template manager, you can open or delete shared templates, featured templates, or templates created by any designer from the Manage Templates tab. See Managing Workflow Templates or Manage WF Conductor Templates from Central Admin for more information.