Connect Mini-Calendar to Calendar Plus

Connect Mini-Calendar to Calendar Plus

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You can optionally configure Mini-Calendar to connect to Calendar Plus.
To connect Mini-Calendar to a Calendar Plus instance, configure the following settings:

Step Action Result
1. Enter page URL where linked Calendar Plus Web Part resides:

Enter the URL of the page that contains the Calendar Plus instance you want to link Mini-Calendar to and click the Load Calendar Plus Web Parts button.

NOTE: Page URLs can be absolute (*http://domain/site/default.aspx*) or relative (*./site/default.aspx*). Relative URLs should be used for SharePoint Web applications containing multiple Alternative Access Mappings (AAM) or if the Web Part is part of a site template.

2. Select Calendar Plus Web Part: Select the Calendar Plus Web Part instance you want to connect to.

When configured, clicking on a date in Mini-Calendar will redirect you to the configured Calendar Plus instance and display the selected date in Day view. Clicking on a month name in Mini-CalendarYear View will display the Month view for the Mini-Calendar instance. For additional information about Mini-Calendar, visit the product page or view Calendar_Plus.