Overview of Knowledge Base

Overview of Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base allows you to create a useful, dynamic knowledge management application within minutes. KBSA features two sites: the Bamboo KB Admin site and the Bamboo KB Client site.

The KB Admin site allows Knowledge Base Administrators to create and manage articles and article categories, view reporting, answer end-user questions, and more.

NOTE: If users have Designer permission level, they can see the site and you may not want anyone making modifications until the site has been used for a certain period of time.

The KB Client site allows end users to search articles, locate articles through tree navigation, view lists of the most popular articles and recently added articles, submit questions to KB Administrators, and more. End users can print or e-mail articles or export them to PDF, as well as rate and comment on articles.

NOTE: You may want to change the name of this site rather than keep it labeled “Client Site.”

The KB Client site has two available site templates to choose from:

  • Bamboo KB Client Site – Team Site, which is based on the standard SharePoint team site
  • Bamboo KB Client Site – Meeting Workspace, which is based on the standard SharePoint meeting workspace site

KBSA-New.jpgKnowledge Base features an easy-to-use, centralized site with Administrative and Client tabs (which are linked to sites).

When you first create a KBSA site, it looks very empty; we expect you will quickly add content that is relevant to your organization using the lists that are provided in the KB Admin site. Use the navigation sidebar in the Bamboo KB Admin Site to create and manage articles, answer users’ questions, manage article images, approve and manage users’ comments, and create and manage Knowledge Base categories.

Some of the things you will want to do right away within your sites are listed below (click the links to read more details about that section):

One more area that you may consider updating very soon is who has permission to your KBSA site