Overview of List Consolidator End User Display

Overview of List Consolidator End User Display

The List Consolidator Web Part display can be set to show consolidated data by default, as shown below.

hw72 overview of display with num.png

Area Description
1. Group the Data. Drag and drop column headers to/from this bar to change the grouping and subgrouping of the consolidated data.
2. Sort the Data. Click the header of a column to sort the list by that column. Clicking the same column a second time reverses the sort order.
3. Filter the Data. Enter a value to filter by, then click the Filter Icon to select a comparison operator such as Equal To, Not Equal to, Contains, etc.
4. Navigate. Use the icons to navigate between the pages of the display.

Click Modify View to return to the settings page in order to configure or re-configure the data retrieved and displayed.

NOTE: This button is available only to users who have permission to modify the settings or have Contribute permission or higher. For more information about modifying the settings, see Overview of the Configuration Parameters for List Consolidator.