Overview of List Rotator

Overview of List Rotator

Bamboo Solutions’ List Rotator Web Part allows you to create a rotating list on your SharePoint site. Once the Web Part is installed on a site and attached to a list, List Rotator displays and rotates the items in the list according to the effect that you specify in the properties setting. You can also modify the HTML layout and CSS to display your selected list data in any format that you need.

The List Rotator currently supports the following SharePoint lists:

  • Announcements List
  • Contacts
  • Events
  • Links
  • Tasks
  • Issues
  • Picture Libraries
  • General Discussion Board: Flat view
  • Custom Lists

Once a SharePoint list, such as Announcements, is connected to the List Rotator Web Part, its content can be displayed on your site with several special effects, such as “pixelate” as shown below.