Overview of List Search

Overview of List Search

hw11a004b.jpg An example of the interface of the List Search Simple Web Part is shown here. You can change the list/library searched, columns displayed, and the order in which the search columns are displayed when configuring the web part.

Item Description

Users may enter search text within any displayed text box. The label associated with each search column is the column name defined in the list.

See Simple Searching, Search String Tips and Tricks, and Searching Multiple Columns

2. The controls (i.e., text box, drop down selection box) that are displayed are based on the field type. The Start Date and Due Date columns are date fields so the control uses the date picker icon. Click that to open a calendar to choose a date on which to search.
3. Fields of type “choice” list the valid choices with a drop-down selector.

As shown here for the Status column, the drop-down choices contain the options configured for the column in the list settings.

Example of the valid choices for the Status column:

Icon-Tip Like filtering in an out-of-the-box list view, with List Search Simple, you can select more than one choice when searching on Choice columns. For example, click In Progress and Not Started to find all active tasks in a task list.


If you are not sure which column to search in, enter you search text in the Search in all columns for box. This option uses the SharePoint search engine to find items to display in the results list. Not only does it search all columns, it may also search the content of attached files if they are a supported format. See Searching in All Columns for more information.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: Notice the word OR on the interface. This divides the search utility to look for the results based on your choices above OR by keywords or text that you enter in the Search in all columns for box. These two sections work independently; do not enter criteria in both sections.

Icon-Tip If you want to use criteria from both sections to find results, use the Search in all columns for box to generate results and then narrow the results further by filtering or sorting the results. See Search Results Configuration for more information.

5. When you interact with List Search Simple, simply enter your search criteria and click the Search button to generate results. See Working With the Search Results for more details about the results.
6. If necessary, you can clear the criteria entered by clicking Reset on the web part interface.
7. If enabled, you can select a List View to determine which columns are displayed in the search results.