Overview of Mini Calendar

Overview of Mini Calendar

Mini-Calendar is a complement web part to Calendar Plus. Calendar Plus surpasses the existing SharePoint calendar view functionality by allowing users to specify the list or view, which column to display, the column by which to color code the displayed items, view day, work week, week, month and year, and specify holidays by color coding for display. Mini-Calendar provides a similar way of looking at a list, but it is different than Calendar Plus in:

  • It has a smaller display size that provides a quick, at-a-glance view of a schedule.

  • The calendar has three views: Year view, Mini and Micro view.

  • It allows web part connections to provide and/or consume information to/from other SharePoint web parts.

  • In SharePoint 2007, it provides a web part connection to filter Calendar Plus web part’s SharePoint list items.

  • Mini-Calendar can be configured to display a column from a specified SharePoint list, such as Task Description. The user can use Mini-Calendar to select, display and edit an item. If any event item exists on a date, that date will be bold. A list of items is shown in a pop-up when the cursor hovers over any bold date. The user can highlight an item on the calendar, click and be directed to the detailed view of that item.

  • Mini-Calendar can be connected to another SharePoint web part. For example, it can provide a date filter to a SharePoint event list. It can also get filters from other SharePoint web parts for its attached list.

  • Mini-Calendar can be connected to Calendar Plus and provide a date filter for SharePoint list items viewed using Calendar Plus.