Overview of Navigators Configuration

Overview of Navigators Configuration

Navigators includes three Web Parts and one SharePoint Feature. They are:

  • Navigators Menu Web Part
  • Navigators TabStrip Web Part
  • Navigators Tree Menu Web Part
  • Bamboo Site Action Menu

All of these items are installed automatically when you install. You do not need to install them individually. However, the Bamboo Site Action Menu feature cannot be automatically activated during install. You must manually activate this SharePoint feature.

When any of the Web Parts are added to a page, the
Navigators list is created on the site where the Web Part was added. If the Navigators list already exists, it will not be overwritten with a new list.

When the Bamboo Site Actions Menu is activated in the Site Collection Features on the top-level site (see Manually Activating the Navigators for a Site Collection for SharePoint 2007, Manually Activating the Navigators for a Site Collection for SharePoint 2010, Manually Activating the Navigators for a Site Collection for SharePoint 2013), the Navigators – Site Actions Configuration list is automatically created. This list only requires one entry. This entry indicates the list information needed to define the parent menu and submenu information for your custom Site Action menu navigation. You can use a list that you create or a copy of the Navigators list as your source for your Site Action menu navigation definition. If you create your own list, make sure it contains the following column data:

  • Menu Title
  • Description (used for tooltips)
  • Parent Menu (lookup to Menu Title column)
  • URL (link destination for the menu item)
  • Sort Order (determines the order of menu items relative to their parent menu)

Whatever the names of your columns are in your own list, you can map them in the tool pane properties of each of the Web Parts and in the Navigators – Site Action Configuration list. See Configuration (for SharePoint 2007), Configuration (for SharePoint 2010), or Configuration (for SharePoint 2013) more information.

You can connect to a Navigators list (or your own list) across sites or site collections as long as you have access and your users have access to the sites referenced in the list. If a user does not have access to a menu/tab/tree item, that menu/tab/tree item is not displayed to the user.