Overview of Project Management Central

Overview of Project Management Central

Every business has projects…and the headaches that always seem to come with managing them, especially when many of the projects are mission critical. A range of options exist for managing projects electronically and individually, but many require heavy IT resources, development, and a large budget. And if you’re at the upper-management level, the amount of work you exert compiling all project status data into a single meaningful view can take just as long as the project itself.

SharePoint Project Management Central (PM Central) focuses exclusively on providing a centralized location where you can view and provide real-time status of your company’s entire project portfolio while you enforce uniform data control over the individual projects’ data. PM Central’s tailored project workspace site templates let project teams proactively track, organize, maintain, and report statuses, tasks, risks, budgets, and issues for projects—allowing you to effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a clear, timely fashion, from the task level all the way up to an executive summary.

PMC Hierarchy.png

PM Central automatically tracks individual projects across your company in one workspace. Project team members only need to update the information in a particular list on their project site, and their data is automatically populated in all related areas on the top-level portfolio site. In this top-level site, the data from all project and department sites is aggregated for display in portfolio dashboards to provide real-time, at-a-glance executive information.

Portfolio (Top Level) Site

Designed to provide an Executive Summary of projects managed under the same Portfoli, this site shows the aggregated data from all of its project subsites. It contains multiple dashboards that report on tasks, issues, risks and schedules. You can have just one portfolio site per site collection so that you can roll up all project sites to just one portfolio site, or you can have multiple portfolio sites with their own set of project sites. This site is only considered a top-level site to its project subsites.

Project Site

This site is a subsite of the portfolio site and is designed to have its data rolled up to the portfolio site for a comprehensive status of all projects in your portfolio.

Department Site

This optional site displays a filtered view of project sites based on specific criteria, such as projects that have a specific project manager or a specific project type.