Overview of Bamboo Rich Text Column configuration

Overview of Bamboo Rich Text Column configuration

Image of content in a Bamboo Rich Text columnThe Bamboo Rich Text Column allows you to add multi-language spell check, automatic picture library image uploading, and style support to the out-of-the-box rich text equivalent.

When using the Bamboo Rich Text Column, keep in mind:

  • You will be required to associate the Bamboo Rich Text Column with a SharePoint picture library.
  • Bamboo Rich Text columns are added to a list just like the standard column types included with SharePoint.
Image of Bamboo Rich Text configuration screen showing English,German and French as the spell check language options

1. From the List Settings menu, click Create column, then enter the Column name.

2. Select the Bamboo Rich Text radio button. The screen will refresh.

3. Next, follow these steps:

  • Enter the URL to the SharePoint site that contains the Picture Library that will be used as the default storage location for images added to the Rich Text Column.

  • Click the green arrow to load the libraries associated with the site.

Either absolute paths (http:// server name/site ) or relative paths (./ site /) can be used for the site URL.
Bamboo recommends using relative paths if:

  • Multiple Alternative Access Mappings are being used, and/or…

  • The list will be included in a site template.

4. Choose the desired picture library from the Select Picture Library drop down list.

5. Select a Spell Checking Language from the drop down menu. This is the language that the Rich Text editor’s built-in spell check function will use when activated.