Overview of the Alert Plus Web Part

Overview of the Alert Plus Web Part

alert WP overview with nums.pngFrom the main interface of the Alert Plus Web Part, you have three options.

NOTE: Two lists associated with the Alert Plus will appear in your site when you add the Alert Plus to a page. Don’t delete these lists, as the web part uses them. They are called:

  • Alert+ AlertChangeList
  • Alert+ Configuration List

For details about each option, see the table below:

Option Description
1. New Item Click New Item to create a new alert. See Create a new alert for more information.
2. Support Click the Support link to troubleshoot issues you may experience with your alerts. See Troubleshooting Alert Plus Using the Support Page for more information.
3. List of Alerts

alert menu.pngUse the list of alerts to manage existing alerts through the context menu shown. It is possible to:

  • Enable/Disable. Clicking on the Enable option item will enable a disabled alert. Clicking on the Disable options will disable an enabled alert.

NOTE: This feature can be found in Alert Plus version 4.0 or later.

  • Edit. Choose Edit Item from the context menu or just click the hyperlink associated with the alert Title to access the alert for editing.
  • Copy. Choose Copy Item to quickly create a second alert similar to the first. Once the copy is created, edit it to change any parameters. This is a useful tool if you want to copy an existing alert so you can send it to another group while keeping all the other parameters the same.
  • Delete. Choose Delete Item to delete the alert.

    Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: Be sure to Disable the alert before deleting it. If there are event handlers or custom timer jobs associated with the alert, disabling the alert will remove these before you delete the alert.

The list of alerts is also used to present the current status of the alerts. See View Alert Status for more information.