List Rollup Schema Designer Configuration Options

List Rollup Schema Designer Configuration Options

Overview of the List Rollup Web Parts

Once you add the web part to a page, you can configure the display settings in the List Rollup Schema Designer tool pane.

Setting Description
Header Options These options allow you to show or hide the various settings found in the header of the Web Part. LR_SD_Header_Links.jpg
Look and Feel Settings

Select the style applied to the Web Part.

  • Use Default Style – This setting will use Bamboo’s default settings for the Web Part theme.
  • Inherit Site Theme – This setting will attempt to inherit most fonts, colors, etc. from the values used by the current site theme in SharePoint.
  • Create Custom Style – This setting will allow you to customize the various fonts, colors, borders, etc. in the Web Part.
Select a Language

All you need to do is select the Language that you want to use.
See Localize Bamboo Web Parts for your Language for more information about translation and languages.

After selecting the language, click Apply and then OK to save your configuration and close the tool pane. Otherwise, click Cancel to close the tool pane without saving any changes.

NOTE: The page does not need to be in Edit mode in order to create a schema.

See Create a new List Rollup Schema or Edit an existing List Rollup Schema for information about creating a new or editing an existing List Rollup schema definition.