Overview of the localization process for Bamboo Products

Overview of the localization process for Bamboo Products

Bamboo Products have been designed with Localization in mind. Localization is the process of customizing your application for a given culture and locale.

Localized resources, or translated text strings, in SharePoint use the localization features of the .Net Framework for displaying user interface labels appropriate for a particular user’s culture and locale.

SharePoint implements Resource (.resx) files in different ways and locations depending on the type of SharePoint functionality that is being localized. For the functionality included in Bamboo Products, you may find resource files in these general areas:

  1. Site and List Definitions can have resources located in the 12/14/15 Hive Resources folder

  2. Web applications and custom pages can have resources that are located in the 12/14/15 Hive CONFIGResources folder and are copied at Web App creation time to the App_GlobalResources folder located under each SharePoint Web Application

  3. Web parts can have their resources compiled into their own set of resource files which can then be located either in the GAC, or in a sub-directory of the bin folder. Bamboo web part resources are stored in a subdirectory of the bin folder.

Depending on the Bamboo Product you need to localize, you may need to look in all three areas. For example, PM Central includes List Definitions, Custom Pages, and Web Parts. Group Email, on the other hand is a simple web part. Use the links below to get to the information appropriate for your Bamboo product.