Overview of User Manager for Sites

Overview of User Manager for Sites

When you first access the site where the User Manager for Sites Web Part is installed, you see the default User Manager for Sites console as shown below.


The main user interface elements for this Web Part are described in the table below:

Option Action Result
1. New Click this button to create new users or groups depending on what you have selected in the tree.
2. Actions Click this button to delete or e-mail a group, or delete or e-mail a user depending on what you have selected in the tree.
3. Settings The site collection administrator uses these menu items to configure e-mail settings, user setup properties, user profile properties and excluded users. See Configuration Overview for more information.
4. Breadcrumb The breadcrumb displays your navigation path from the root node of the tree. The information that is displayed is either user or site depending upon your current selection.
5. View Pane

The view pane allows you to select a view of your user collection in the following ways:

  • Organization: Display users in a hierarchical tree by organizational unit (OU) structure in Active Directory starting with the specified OU configured in the tool pane.
  • Alphabetical: Display all the users sorted by Last Name, First Name.
  • Sites: Display all the sites within the site collection where the Web Part is installed. Expand each site node to see the groups and users for each site. You can also view all the groups in one view for each site (including the top level site) under the Groups node.
6. Tree View Located in the left view pane, the tree allows users to navigate and select nodes based on the current view.
7. Search Enter a user’s last name or first name. Search results are shown under the Search Results bar in the view pane. The Search Results bar appears after running a search.